Missed Opportunity #45 is written by award-winning film producer, director, and author Sandra L. LaVaughn. She is the founder
and owner of Lavon Productions, LLC. She has written several poems that were published in newspapers, magazines, and books.
For a State of Ohio Representative, she wrote his speeches and wrote newspaper articles about the accomplishments and bills he
voted on for his district.

Sandra is a published author of the book titled, “
How I Produced A Movie With Eight Thousand Dollars.”

Sandra L. LaVaughn has produced and directed several shorts and a feature-length film that ran in a local theater for two weeks.
She is an award-winning Producer and Director. Her television show received a nomination for an award, with a most recent win at
CHRIS Awards Film Festival on a treatment titled, “Enmity.” Sandra graduated from Riverside School of Nursing in Nashville,
Tennessee; then, she attended The Ohio State University, where she studied history and communication. In the 1990s, Sandra
took classes and attended workshops to study the art of filmmaking and the business aspect. Sandra currently resides in
Columbus, Ohio.